Goddess Azzura

Spending a few days in paradise and one could not help but slip into the water, even if it was a wee bit fresh :)

The location is Green Patch, Jervis Bay National Park, Australia, one of my favourite places on earth.  It was the first month of spring and we were on location for a few shoots, one of which was to get into the water, the idea was to allow the current to create the movement and capture what happened next.   Lauren was my goddess model for this shoot, we wrapped her in a natural fabric and nothing more, it was her her form in relation to the water I wanted to photograph.

I loved every moment of this shoot, whilst I was capturing the images, a song played over and over in my head, Chris Isaak's hit "Wicked Game", serene and seductive we were both lost in a dream, (however, I must admit every now and again, I would snap out of the zone i was in to make sure the current wasn't taking Lauren to the nearby rocks.  That could've been messy)  :)

Lauren did a beautiful job, always happy to go along with anything I suggested to make these beautiful images, even if it meant she was freezing.  




226 web.jpg
 Model _ Lauren Cataldo

Model _ Lauren Cataldo