Lost in Time - Fashion Editorial

The theme was early 20th Century, Vicky from Rockstars & Royalty supplied the wardrobe and styled by Hanna Allen.  The hair was designed by my old friend Jeanice (Guerrilla Hair) who prepared both the preset wigs, to save on time.  It was also the first time working with Lottie L'Strange who delivered flawless makeup to the shoot.  

When choosing the lighting style, I decided I wanted to keep much of the results in camera, and then finish it in post with an early 20th century feel in tone and grain.  In order to achieve this I experimented with a number of different objects in front of the lens, soft tulle, plastic, crystals etc, and then went on to photographing through objects, like plastic, glass and into a mirror.  These were the results 


Models - Emma Bell (Victoria's Models)

                Rachelle Dawson (HAUS Models)



Ghost Stories

I am currently shooting a series for my upcoming solo exhibition in November.  Inspired by an abandoned castle in France, the series captures the once were inhabitants and their memories, their stories, their unfinished tales.

Anne Duffy once again agreed to be part of my project, and I am so honoured to work with her, she brings enthusiasm and dedication to every shoot, as well as on this occasion her beloved Monty, the snake ......... that was an epic episode.   

As I commence the massive task of post processing, I couldn't goo past this image I captured during our shoot of Anne, it is a fraction of the image I am currently compositing for the series.


Photography & Retouching | Lori Cicchini LORIANA | fotografia
Model | @Anne Duffy 
MUA | Pro Makeup by Lauren Cataldo
Hair | "Guerilla Hair"
Headpiece | Rockstars and Royalty

Volante - The Secret Garden

I shot this series with the intention of creating some mystery about the subject and her surrounding.  The space is confined and limited, so the focus needs to be on the subject and her movement in the space.  Water adds to the texture and volatility of the space.

Model - Simone Luker

HMUA - Lauren Cataldo 


Captured under her spell

an extract from Heather Alexander's poem - 

“I am a creature of the Fey
Prepare to give your soul away
My spell is passion and it is art
My song can bind a human heart
And if you chance to know my face
My hold shall be your last embrace.

I am unlike a mortal lass
From dreams of longing I have passed
I came upon your lonely cries
Revealed beauty to your eyes
So shun the world that you have known
And spend your nights within my own.

You shall be known by other men
For your great works of voice and pen
Yet inspiration has a cost
For with me know your soul is lost
I'll take your passion and your skill
I'll take your young life quicker still.

Through the kisses that I give
I draw from you that I will live
And though you think this weakness grand
The touch of death your lover's hand
Your will to live has come too late
Come to my arms and love this fate 

― Heather Alexander

Model - Anne Duffy

MUA - Lauren Cataldo

Hair - Jeanice Branch "Guerrilla Hair"

Anne-273-Edit web.jpg
Anne 271web logo.jpg
untitled-297 no logo web.jpg

Underwater - Test shoot

I have wanted to shoot underwater for some time now, last summer I pulled out the Canon Powershot D10 and played around after a studio fashion shoot.  Needless to say, it was the beginning of this niggling little voice in my head, to get back in the water and do some more.  We had a lot of fun that first afternoon, trying to stay submerged while trying to focus on the model and actually take a shot.  There was too much muck in the water, which made it difficult to focus, and of course the camera itself was doing its own thing as there was no manual control to override the settings.   The biggest hinderance to having done this earlier is the fact that I need to submerge my camera with an appliance that guarantees it will not leak......... hmmmmmm that small chance that it will is frightening enough.  

I have been researching underwater housings and wow!!! they are not cheap, some of them cost almost as much as the camera.  So the obsession laid low for a few months, until recently :)

Back again on my agenda, I had to make it happen and get over my fear of getting my camera wet.  So putting my fears aside, I used my Canon 5D along with a 50mm 1.8 lens inside a purpose built housing and plunged it into the water.  This time my biggest challenge was the ability (or in my case, inability) to easily change the settings on my camera, the auto focusing lens was a big help, however my snorkel wasn't the best so I kept fogging up.  This was definitely not going to be easy, we chased the sunlight and this is what we came up with this time :) 


Model - Anne Duffy

HMUA _ Lauren Cataldo

Anne Duffy-160web.jpg
untitled underwater-32v2 web.jpg
untitled-49 v2web wout texture.jpg
untitled-81v2 bwcopy.jpg
Anne Duffy44webv2.jpg

RAW - Human Nature - published on VOGUE Italia

RAW - Human Nature

A series I completed recently as part of a major project body of work. The images intended to explore the bond between nature and human form, expressing serenity and uniformity with the surrounding landscape.

Location - Booderee National Park, Jervis Bay AUSTRALIA

Photography - Lori Cicchini

Model - Lauren Cataldo


La Vela Bianca - Published on VOGUE Italia

 "La vela bianca" was photographed with the talented artistic nude model Sylph Sia, hair and makeup by Lauren Cataldo.  A lonely dance with a simple white lace veil wrapped around the complex beauty of the female form.


Featured on VOGUE Italia


Art nude - study of the female form recently published on VOGUE Italia

Photography - Lori Cicchini

Model - Anoush Anou

 Model - Sylph Sia  MUA _ Lauren Cataldo

Model - Sylph Sia

MUA _ Lauren Cataldo

 Model - Sylph Sia  MUA - Lauren Cataldo

Model - Sylph Sia

MUA - Lauren Cataldo

 Model - Lauren Cataldo

Model - Lauren Cataldo

Fiama Rossa

"Fiama Rossa" (Red flame)

Model - Anoush Anou

Photography & Editing - Lori Cicchini 


anoush red web.jpg

RAW - Human Nature

This series intended to explore the bond between nature and human form, expressing serenity and uniformity with the surrounding landscape.  

Model - Lauren Cataldo

Location - National Park, Jervis Bay AUSTRALIA 

untitled-313 web.jpg
untitled-380 web.jpg
untitled-365 web.jpg
untitled-121 web.jpg
untitled-26 web.jpg
untitled-34 web.jpg
untitled-56 web.jpg
untitled-10 v3 web.jpg
untitled-63 web.jpg
untitled-112 web.jpg
untitled-192 web.jpg
untitled-200 web.jpg
untitled-207 web.jpg


Photographed in my studio with a two light set up using Broncolor mono blocks 

Canon 5D MkIII 

ISO 200 F8  1/125

Glenn Black1 web logo.jpg
Gelnn-99 web.jpg
glenn-212 web.jpg
Glenn-214 web.jpg
Glenn-138 web.jpg
Glenn-121 web.jpg
Glenn-27 web.jpg
Glenn2 web.jpg

Goddess Azzura

Spending a few days in paradise and one could not help but slip into the water, even if it was a wee bit fresh :)

The location is Green Patch, Jervis Bay National Park, Australia, one of my favourite places on earth.  It was the first month of spring and we were on location for a few shoots, one of which was to get into the water, the idea was to allow the current to create the movement and capture what happened next.   Lauren was my goddess model for this shoot, we wrapped her in a natural fabric and nothing more, it was her her form in relation to the water I wanted to photograph.

I loved every moment of this shoot, whilst I was capturing the images, a song played over and over in my head, Chris Isaak's hit "Wicked Game", serene and seductive we were both lost in a dream, (however, I must admit every now and again, I would snap out of the zone i was in to make sure the current wasn't taking Lauren to the nearby rocks.  That could've been messy)  :)

Lauren did a beautiful job, always happy to go along with anything I suggested to make these beautiful images, even if it meant she was freezing.  




226 web.jpg
 Model _ Lauren Cataldo

Model _ Lauren Cataldo