Once upon a time .......... starting a new body of work

As the weeks pass I fill myself with anxiety, so many ideas floating in my head and a tight deadline to meet.  With the opportunity to exhibit my work in a prominent location I need to decide where to focus my attention, time is running out arghhhhhhhhh. I have commenced a new body of work which looks at reality vs fantasy.  It's an intricate journey through life from a woman's point of view, I envisage this series to continue for some time into 2014.

I’ll be heading out to a one of my all time favourite places in Australia in a couple of weeks for a 3 day shoot.  If you know me well enough you will know where this special location is ;)

I haven’t been there for almost a year and am really looking forward to it.  This time I’m bringing along 2 models, both of which are also amazing makeup artists and stylists in their own rights.  Oh man, this is going to be one huge creative weekend, I can’t wait to begin - oh!!! I forgot there will also be a special guest joining us on location, he’s going to add so much fun to the shoot I can just see it already :)  

My visual diary is beaming with drawings and plans for each of the images I plan to create whilst out that weekend.   Today I collected another prop and really need to get into some sewing el pronto!!!  I will be posting some behind the scenes pics, and some sneak peeks of the props as I prepare them in the next few weeks leading up to the shoot - so stay tuned  :)