Props and wardrobe underway

My sewing machine has kicked the bucket, dammit !!! Looks like hand stitching till I get a replacement one.  The wardrobe is becoming more and more intricate, I really shouldn't go out on my own, I tend to spend too much time thinking about stuff and ofter wonder how I got from A to B as I'm sure I've blacked out into lala land.   

I drove out to the fabric warehouse this morning, I really should get myself out to Cabramatta (put that one on the list) - Dubai would be nice too :)  anyhow, I always seem to walk out of Spotlight with arm fulls more than what I intended to purchase, but I can't help being distracted by all the ideas that float into my head when I pick up a roll of fabric - yeah OK I'm a little nutts :) 

On the way back, I went to check on a couple of locations I had found a few weeks back, just to look at what it was like mid morning, looks like I am going to have to shoot there early morning to get the best light. Best remember to not wear my good boots when I go there again, besides the mud the sheep poo poo was a little hard to avoid, man that stuff stinks :) 

Finally finished the props for tomorrow's shoot, pig skulls stink too !! 


18 september.jpg