Coming together of "Slumber Awakening"

With over 30 themes, and growing, my new series is starting to take shape.  When researching my ideas I realised that I was really looking for my identity, my presence, my past and some insight perhaps into my future.  It is an expression of where I am today, a journey of life unravelling the truth through my dreams.  I often think about dreams, and question if they reflect my inner thoughts, beliefs, and/or feelings?  How do they translate in real life, do they predict? or do they tell us something about ourselves? How do we fit in the space in which we exist? Does the space influence our existence??

I recently watched a documentary on landscape photography which also made me realise that if we destroy nature we destroy ourselves.  Undoubtably, in my mind, the landscape defines who we are and how we relate to the universe we exist in.   I wanted to photograph something with conviction, not just about beauty, it needed to appeal to my personal style.  

Over the 12months I have experimented through ideas in portraiture and fashion, I pushed myself in directions I felt totally outside of my comfort zone and discovered attributes of my work that I have begun to thoroughly enjoy.  There is no doubt I'm a bit of a control freak, always thinking of plan A as well as plan B, sometimes option C, carefully and meticulously planning out the theme, right down to set design, costume and props.  My stories need to be believable yet still with the element of surrealism, mystery and fantasy.  Music plays an integral part in my processing, both in concept and in post.  It influences the mood and the direction.

What is my style ?? I had to ask myself the question, then I needed to ask my peers, people around me who follow my work.  In the past 12 months I was on a discovery of what that style might be.  I started with landscapes in my earlier days, like many who are attracted to the art of photography, I wanted to capture what I saw with my eyes, but not necessarily in a literal sense.  I am drawn to architecture as much as I am to nature, but it is the beauty within the geometry of the architecture within the landscape that appeals to me most.  It is the symmetry of shape and the mystery of stillness combined.   I call this symmetry and mystery - beauty, how we see it is a response to the environment it is surrounded by.  

So what is my style ? I would describe it as dark, fantasy, mystical, surreal and often with a touch of ethereal goth.  It is a play on fantasy verses reality finding beauty in darkness.

I thought the best way to express the series is with a cover image, something that would give off a vibe to the story, yet still maintain the mystery of what is to come ....... here is the invitation to my "Slumber Awakening"