"The Wait"

"You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact it may be necessary to encounter defeat, so that you know who you are, what you are rising from, how you can still come out of it" _ Maya Angelou 

Photographer | Creative Director | editing - LORIANA | fotografia
Model | Ilana Davies - Model
HMUA | Lauren Cataldo 
Hair Pieces created by | "Guerilla Hair"
BTS Video - Pat Lindley 


This was a crazy little episode, I had decided to shoot two of the images from the series on this day, that was a crazy idea in itself hahahahaha.  

I have photographed Ilana before so we worked together really well, and to my advantage it meant Ilana knew what to expect from me too.  Lauren did her usual magical thing with her makeup styling and hair artistry.  Jeanice comes to the rescue with her custom made wigs and pieces, always made to perfection.  I can not ask for a better team, and to add to it all I have met a wonderful creative who is working with me for the first time by recording some BTS footage of some of the shoots we did in the series.  I'll be writing up a post about the video too.  

The location was in the back of my mind for some time now, I had inspected it back in the Summer, earlier in the year, I knew it had to be shot here as it had the eeriness I wanted from it's abandoned buildings, and overgrowth of thorny bushes.  We arrived on location a little late, we were running behind from the schedule we had in place, in fact we had one hour to set and shoot, which given the amount of stuff we had to carry to the location from the car and set up the lighting and props, was not a lot of time, thankfully the hair and makeup was done in the studio.

All set, the cobwebs were blowing in the breeze, Ilana was looking her usual angelic self, the skeleton was doing his bit just sitting there, and away we went.  The sun was beginning to set so the light was perfect, in my head I was playing the song by COLDPLAY, "In my place" it reminded me so much of where I was in my life, and the sentiment it had on me, nothing could be more true than "The Wait" for me :)

The Wait  Model - Ilana Davies  Hair & Makeup - Lauren Cataldo  Hair Pieces - Jeanice Branch  BTS Video - Pat Lindley

The Wait

Model - Ilana Davies

Hair & Makeup - Lauren Cataldo

Hair Pieces - Jeanice Branch

BTS Video - Pat Lindley