"We are threatened with suffering from three directions: from our own body, which is doomed to decay and dissolution and which cannot even do without pain and anxiety as warning signals: from the external world, which may rage against us with overwhelming and merciless forces or destruction; and finally from our relations to other men.  The suffering which comes from this last source is perhaps more painful than any other." {Sigmund Freud}


This was the first time I had worked with Brodie Williams, but it seemed like we had worked a million times before as as we clicked immediately.  It was going to be a huge day for both of us as we were flying this one solo.  It was just Brodie and I on this day, and our aim was to knock over two themes for the series.  I did all the hair, makeup and styling for this one and for the image titled "Burden" where I also made the props. 

Once we shot Burden we took a brief break, and plunged straight into the next shot which was going to be on location.  I had scouted this spot for ages, it was not too far away and was perfect.  The afternoon sun was beginning to drop and the light coming through the trees was going to provide the perfect dapple in the background on the overgrown stairs.  

IN no time we had set up the shot and fired ..... this was now "Dissolution".  When I got back to my computer to download the images, it was so obvious which one was THE shot, Brodie has given all the emotion I had asked for in perfect timing for the shot.  The tear rolling down her cheek was what completed the depth I wanted.  Thank you Brodie - you nailed it girl !!!

The cropped version :

Dissolution crop.jpg